Wig Lady at The Asylum Steampunk Festival at Lincoln

I always get called the wig lady at these events , maybe that should have been the name for my website !

Well this year I decided that after having a long break from working these show’s when my kiddies were younger that it was time to get back out there .

Our first time doing this show was about 10 years ago and our stand was in one of the Victorian prison cells. My sister helping me out again.

Excited to show all our new wig collections at affordable prices off we went .
Friday we were in westgate school with a smaller pop up stand , after a little drama of my car locking with all my precious wigs and dreads in we got into the fun of things.

Our first sale of the weekend was a pair of animal ears, where else could you have so much fun . Quick break down drive around to the castle and set up ready for the next day.

Saturday was crazy, I can’t remember the last time I put so many wigs on people! My mum helped out and still managed to boss me about 😂. The weeks prepping and having the biggest selection ever including all the dreads , ponytails , and more was worth it and so nice to meet some of our followers from our eBay shop, instagram and Facebook.

Sunday was calmer and the Monday fell quieter but meant I could actually leave the stand for 10 minutes to see outside other than try to peak out the side of our marquee.
With so many other events going on round the city in the evening including burlesque, bands playing , the ball I’m not suprised it’s the largest Steampunk Festival in the world with people travelling from everywhere, customers from Germany already asking for things for me to bring next time as they can’t get the hair they need back home .
Go to The Ministry of Steampunk’s website to see all the amazing things that were on and their gallery.

Thank you all who shopped with us, we are now restocked and our new fun wig collection will be added to our website wig shop soon and look forward to seeing you next year.

Tara x