It may be obvious that a ponytail goes over your ponytail to create a thicker and or ponytail. But… there are many styles and attachments including extra fun things we can do with a simple ponytail. Here are some of our favourites:

Layered and long this ponytail delivers glamour at its best. Split the ponytail into two and wrap around the base for a delightful messy bun.

One piece gives a full ponytail with height. I have been known to wear two before and sold to the ladies who want to look really dramatic!!! The vertical palm clip gives a solid feel whilst being totally concealed and is super comfy.

chic pony tail
Elegant soft curl. Chic hairpiece is a perfect addition for a wedding, prom, or ball. Verticle palm clip attachment for comfort and ease. Can also be draped to achieve a messy bun. Being shorter is great for day wear.

Easilocks Hollywood Ponytail

Another really simply, beautiful, elegant piece in top quality fibre… Hollywood perfection why not create your perfect ponytail, high pony, low pony, put it up into a neat bun, or plait it.

Easilocks Fishtail plait
Again this is the best fishtail plait I have found. The plait itself is VERY long, it looks real, you can get a nice messy look to it if you wanted to. You could even un do the piece as a very long pony however we will not be able to re-plait. My perfect fishtail plait again takes seconds to apply.