Permanent Eyebrows


Permanent Eyebrows


If your looking for Permanent Eyebrows Im your girl.  Whether we tattoo with a digital machine or use the hand held technique Microblading theres nothing I love more than giving someone a sexy new set of eyebrows 🙂  At facefacts on Steep Hill in Lincoln Tara has over 20 years experience (showing my age now!) I never stop researching and participating in advanced classes.

I can re-create your dream brows whether it be natural or bold and beautiful or just a partial brow to fill in missing hairs. Eyebrows that have been overplucked never to grow again are replaced by ultra crisp fine hairstrokes.

A good defined eyebrow will give an instant lift enhance the eyes and bring out your inner beauty. Various techniques including powder effect, microblading, hairstrokes or a combination of styles are used.

Permanent Eyebrow are without doubt the most popular treatment at facefacts.

Clients may have overplucked, have fine eyebrows, thinning brows, lost brows through alopecia, chemotherapy or other medical reasons or just simply don’t like what they have naturally.  now with Microblading its taken eyebrows to a whole new level, being able to give crisper more hair like strokes.  

Dump the pencils, eyebrow pallets, no more sweating one brow off or the hairdresser washing one brow away you don’t have to be scared of your kids splashing you in the pool try permanent eyebrows you’ll wish you had done it years ago!!