Eyeliner tattooing 

Permanent makeup procedure for eyeliner can be a very natural liner put through the roots of the eyelashes or a wow effect Latino eyeliner or even a smiley two toner eyeliner! 

Never underestimate the wonder of an eyeliner. Sometimes overshadowed by the popularity of brows the eyeliner is a must have.

Whether all you need is a natural lash enhancement through the roots of the lashes to give the appearance of thicker lashes or maybe you prefer a normal eyeliner top or bottom you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Not to mention the latino flick on the outer corners, two tone eyeliner smudgy eyeliner. No longer the need to worry about unsteady hands or watery eyes. Who doesn’t want to wake up with beautifully defined eyes? Not worrying about working up a sweat in the gym or jump in the pool without the fear of panda eyes. Clients usually start off natural and then the addiction starts…