Permanent Make-up

I love tattooing makeup. With a passion. I did my first training course in 1997. Advanced training in 1998. Many of the big companies training today didn’t exist, hair stroke brows were not around, neither was microblading.

The industry is growing fast, with social media I can see what’s going on all over the world. In 1997 I didn’t even have a mobile phone! How times have changed and that’s why I’m always looking for the best products and techniques to keep improving my skills and to show off my talent. My sexy new brow pigments to add to my forever growing collection Tina Davies along with my world famous pink ribbon collection for areola and Will Anthony for eyeliner.

Ultra concentrated High quality pigments for tattooing and microblading

Long lasting colour retention 

Expect 90% retention after your first treatment 

Covers old PMU 

Stable colour performance

There are many different styles of brows available that I can offer you. Totally bespoke to you. I don’t do one style fits all or stuck a stencil on you and just do that. I love tattooing eyebrows even after hundreds of procedures I never get bored every client is unique, the skin, bone structure, desired result I’m so lucky to love what I do.