Pulsed Jet Oxygen

45 mins – £55

Crystal Clear Pulsed Jet Oxygen is an intense anti-ageing treatment. Plumping the skin from the inside out .

Any doubters out there like my best friend (who told me oxygen is free!) Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is a sophisticated and clinically proven treatment. Not just posh oxygen….. the results are :

  • Dramatically rejuvenated skin
  • Visibly reduced lines and wrinkles


  • Great for clients with rosacea – I have had amazing results from just one treatment with clients struggling with rosacea. Redness fading before our eyes and calming.
  • Works AMAZINGLY on Acne prone skin types! These skins heal faster due to the antibacterial properties , soothing, taking down inflammation becoming less angry and painful.

Team it up with some of the crystal clears amazing homecare and their amazing Complex C infusions to reduce sebum production and breakouts.

oxygen therapy

Course options available for clients with active acne/ rosacea

Course of 6 – £275

Week 1 x 2 treatments

Week 2 x 2 treatments

Week 3 x1 treatment

Combined with microdermabrasion – £335

Week 1 x1 combo & x1 oxygen

Week 2 x1 combo & x1 oxygen

Week 3 x1 combo

Maintenance thereafter every 4-6 weeks.