NHS VAT Exemption

How to claim your VAT exemption:

1) Fill out the form below.  You need to fill out a new form for every VAT claim.

2) Once you have received your wig and decide to keep it, email Tara@face-facts.co.uk or call  01522 544727  Monday, Thursday, Friday  9.30am-5pm Saturday 9.00-4.00, quoting your order number and stating clearly that you intend to keep the style(s).  If we are busy with customers in the salon please leave a voicemail stating the above.

3) We will then refund your VAT

Eligibility Declaration for VAT Exemption

Please Note:

You are only be able to have Wigs VAT-free if they are for your personal use.

You do not need to be registered disabled or eligible for any other benefit to qualify for VAT-free goods You must have a medical condition to be eligible under the HMRC category of “chronically sick or disabled”.

For VAT purposes, the term ‘chronically sick or disabled’ does not include a person who’s only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, for example someone who’s elderly but is not chronically sick or disabled.

  • You do not have to pay VAT when you buy wigs due to a medical condition, i.e. alopecia, whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
  • VAT-free ONLY applies to Wigs.  NOT on products, turbans, etc
  • VAT can only be refunded after the goods are despatched.
  • For any queries about your VAT refund please email Tara@face-facts.co.uk and quote your order number.

There are penalties for making false declarations. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled/ Chronically Ill people or contact the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000 before signing the declaration.

(Click Here for the VAT form)

The form can be emailed to Tara@face-facts.co.uk