New Fade Permanent Makeup Pigments by Tina Davies

The new collective of pigments designed by Tina Davies are due through our door anytime late this summer . I am Super excited and I’m a sucker for new colours but why on earth would we want to offer pigments that fade after so many years of wanting them to stay!

Well after sooo much research and training these are going to be popular but for a different reason.

The new FADE eyebrow collection allows me to be a little more creative but with less commitment, sound interesting?

These pigments are mainly inorganic – this means they will gently fade into a softer version of your original colour within 12-24 months.

So why would you choose these?

Some clients are scared at the thought of permanent makeup, on your face , for years to come .

These colours will be great for clients not wanting to commit to a lifelong shape or colour because they fade more than my other pigments .

Changing of hair colour for an example , I have many clients over the years have dark , black hair and turn up blonde years later hoping we can alter the shade , with these colours ability to fade over time more you can have your bolder fashion brow and still have more flexibility in years to come to.

A more mature client or one nervous of making a colour choice will be able to have a softer finish ( nobody needs to have slug brows but I do love a power brow)

How does it FADE ? Pigment once implanted in the skin begins to break down and fade over time .
Especially when exposed to variables like UV light from the sun or artificial light.
These pigments have stability to fade over time in a softer shade so we can easily refresh your brows for years to come .

Quality pigments , EU reach compliant , 8 shades to cater for every skin tone and hair colour so I can create bespoke brows for all my clients .

Excited? I am and can’t wait to offer these colours along with my other brands .

Book your brows today I can use these for Microblading or machine brows , hair strokes or powder ombré brows .

You can have soft natural looking powder or Microblading hair stroke brows that soften or if your like me have a more permanent colour … we have more choices now ❤️