Microblading is the newest and most natural form of  Permanent Makeup or eyebrow tattooing offered at facefacts.

Microblading costs £395.00 for a set of beautiful natural eyebrows. It is a form of tattooing so will last longer than any tints.   No more struggling in the heat of the summer sweating your eyebrows off.  Pencils that don’t stay on or fill in a heavier look to what you would wish for.  This includes a 6 week finishing touch.  It is a 2 part process as the skins healing capabilities are unique in every individual.  Factors such as medication, uv exposure, chlorine, dry skin, oily skin all can effect the treatment so when I see you back in 6 weeks I can make any additional changes of colour, fill in more etc.  

Microblading is a hand held technique used for eyebrow tattooing.  Although it sounds like a blade is used it is actually a very small collection of pins.  These are dipped into pigment and then lightly scratched into the skin.   Microblading gives me the ability to create very fine crisp realistic hairstrokes. So natural even I cant believe it everytime I do a fresh set of brows Im amazed.

A lot of time is spent perfecting the stencil of your brows berfore your eyebrows are microbladed.  I do not  use photos of who you would like to look like.  My design will be completely bespoke to you using new advanced measuring techniques putting your brows exactly where nature intended. Creating any look from:

  • Beautifully Bold
  • Very Natural

Microblading like all cosmetic tattooing needs maintenance to keep colour fresh.  Hair strokes can blur down in time.  I recommended a refresh anywhere between 12-18 months.  The prices for this are between £150-£200.  Two year refresh is £295 over that it will be the original price.

Can I Just Have a Brow Filler

Not really.  While yes we can focus on areas of missing hair I personally love to take the hairs through the entire brow creating a more even looking brow.  

Microblading treatment really steps in for all my clients who have HD Brows and have patches of hair that wont grow in, or lets say have the perfect shape but they have fine hair and they need the extra vavavoom in the brow. Microblading will fill in mimicking the clients existing hairs giving them the perfect HD Brow without the need for as much filling with powders or pencils. My clients will get their HD Brows designed and perfected 2 weeks before I fill in with the Microblading.