Microblading to Create The Perfect Brow

Microblading Semi-permanent eyebrows Eyebrow tattooing

Semi-permanent eyebrows
Eyebrow tattooing

The new brow revelation sweeping across the world is microblading. Sounds scary doesn’t it ‘blading’!! So yes it is another form of semi-permanent makeup which we have been doing for years but why is it different and who is it for?

This is done using a hand held tool (not a machine that vibrates) with a disposable single use configuration of needles inserted at the top. The beauty of microblading is that it can look so real sometimes as Im doing the treatment even I can’t tell which is your hair and what I have implanted! It is suitable for nearly everyone whether you want to re-create a full brow or a partial brow. Perfect for ladies who want a whispy crisp hair like brow.

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