Areola and Nipple Tattooing

My first training in this area began in 2006 but recently I discovered the art of 3D areola tattooing. I was blown away with how amazing and realistic it looks so I immediately booked training with an expert trainer from Phi Areola.

I couldn’t wait to share this new skill And I’m so proud that my ladies have allowed me to share the results so other people–men and women can see what they can have done.

My clients have been very happy to come to a friendly, safe and warm environment for their new tattooing.

Feedback from my clients have been past NHS procedures have faded immediately or some nurses giving the treatment haven’t really felt confident in doing so. Along with some ladies just not wanting to step foot in that environment again as it brings back all the memories of their surgeries.

The nipple design and retention is absolutely amazing, realistic and not a prosthesis that can fall off, or a graft nipple that may not take. This procedure can be done on clients who have had breast augmentation, surgery and reconstruction. The requirement is to wait a minimum of 12 months from the end of all surgeries.

Other clients have white scarring around the edge of the areola which I can camouflage and bring back the colour so it’s less visible.

Re-colouring this option is for anyone who has very light areola and/or nipples. Adding colour brings the areola to life which is popular for those in the modelling industry, along with the ability to make the areola look larger, or blend in any scarring tell-tale signs of breast augmentation.

Single Areola – £295
Pair – £395

Camouflage around areola scar tissue free with areola or by quotation

Phi Hearts –£395 Pair

My favourite the areola instead of a traditional shape is a beautiful heart.

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facefacts- medical tattoo1
facefacts- medical tattoo3
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