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Here are a few of our favourite products to look after your synthetic wigs and hairpieces :

Synovation shampoo: Cleanses and deoderises wigs and hairpieces.

A light, water-based, non-greasy formula, it gives extra protection to fibres and nourishes them to help keep them smooth, glossy and tangle-free. Easy to wash out and in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber.

  • Gently cleanses to deep clean wigs and hairpieces.
  • Removes residue and deodorises hair.
  • Brightens and protects colour.
  • For best results, follow with the Synovation Conditioner.

Synovation Spray Conditioner: An everyday spray in, leave in conditioner specially designed to help nurture, protect and deodorise wigs and hairpieces.

The Synovation Conditioner is a light, water-based formula which easy to wash out in cold water. Comes in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber. For best results, use with the Synovation Shampoo.

  • Restores natural looking body and texture to wigs and hairpieces.
  • Coats fibres to create a healthy look and works to prevent friction frizz.
  • Can also be used on clean, dry wigs and pieces to assist styling.

Wig caps available in normal and a mesh cap perfect for long hair. We also have the Christine Bamboo comfort wig caps. Collapsable wig stands, polyheads, wig fixing sprays, and rolls and rolls ofwig tape .