Brow Lamination with HD Brow Sculpt


As trends come and go in the beauty world, I really thought I had seen it all with brows, after HD Brows.  Then all of a sudden more brows than ever were flooding onto social media looking so BIG!  Some amazing some slightly worrying but all in all the fluffy big brow was here.

Reluctant to jump on the bandwagon so to speak I held off, is this just a crazy craze?

Doing more research and looking into a couple of well known brands I wasn’t hooked, I am a HD Brow girl all the way.  But they weren’t at the forefront this time, so I waited patiently too.Then along came HD Brow Sculpt, amazing products and process to do the brow lamination I so wanted to get stuck in with.

Similar process to a lash lift you are taking existing hairs, sculpting them into a style either to create big fluffy brows or to what I probably do the most of make finer brows or unruly brows glide into a better position.  Fixing with the solutions and will stay for weeks.  If your hairs are coarse it will also give them a much softer feel.

This process allows me to try and make fine brows thicker, hairs that grow out or down up and into a lovely natural or bold do mess with me brow.

I may put a soft light brown tint on to give a little colour or we can go full on werewolf brow which Ive started to prefer on myself (no surprise there).

This treatment has been so amazing I probably do less of the regular HD Brows now and go to the Lamination.

You need a patch test min of 48 hours before like the regular HD, I will also give clients on the first appointment a bottle of the HD Tint lock serum, RRP £30.  The reason behind this is that after the process the cuticle never closes completely so the tint doesn’t last quite as long as traditional HD , but also really conditions the hairs, and allows you to comb it through every morning giving them that fresh slick wet look if you choose.

The brow lamination works fantastic on my ladies with previous brow tattoo/microblading if they have hairs , it will give a 3D effect and bring the cosmetic tattooing to life .

Recommended every 8 weeks, some clients with strong hair growth may need a normal HD in-between.

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