Hair Wraps Hair Scrunchies

Hair Wraps, basically these are what we would like to describe as Hair Scrunchies !! Never underestimate the glamour and useability of the hair wrap. Once you get used to these you’ll never be without them a single piece for daytime wear and two pieces for a simple dynamic updo to evening. We like to put all our Hair wraps on with a trusty chopstick so you get the fullest effect in the quickest time.

Pop in and one of the girls will show you our chopstick cheat and match your colour up and maybe leave looking a more glamourous .

Stylemaker Hair Wraps

Hair Wrap Hair Scrunchie
This is our favourite hairwrap it’s so full and amazing quality, you can wear two for the evening evenin two different colours and its gorgeous. The fibre is very realistic and comes in lots of lovely blends.








A smaller wrap and straighter very light and perfect for people with fine hair.