Hair Wefts

Hair wefts or weaving hair extensions are very versatile. You can use the Do It Yourself approach orhave a salon proffesional attach them for you. The hair itself comes in a long curtain of hair, it is machine sewn at the top so it can easily be cut into any size wefts you need. The wefts can then be attatched in several different ways, they can be sewn in, glued in, or for easy application you can sew your own clips on to use time and time again. Adding weaves will give length, volume and varying colours. Salon proffessionals can cut the hair off the weft to do individual bonds. For those more creative soles you can make your own ponytails and fringes. To add length to an existing ponytail the hair weft can be wrapped around your ponytail and secured with grips, a section of hair can then be wrapped around to hide the join.

We stock a variety of wefts from varying brands including the amazing quality of Beauty Works.

Beauty Works is the UK’s leading brand of luxury, professional hair extensions for stylists, celebrities and women around the world.

We offer a wide range of celebrity style hair extensions which includes weft and clip-in hair extensions using only the finest Remy human hair.

With over 46 colours options to choose from, including stunning mixed blends and unique ombre and balayage colours, we have a wide selection of both colours and lengths to choose from.

Tried and tested by respected experts in the hair industry, our award winning hair extensions are featured in some of the world’s most recognised magazines, fashion shows and video shoots worldwide.