Permanent  Eyeliner

Probably peoples second choice in permanent cosmetics. Not everyone is brave enough, some feel apprehensive because it’s the thought of being near the eye area but it does look fantastic.

If you ever come into the salon you must have a good look at Helen’s permanent cosmetics. My glamorous assistant has all the procedures done and you’ll notice if you look close at her Latino flick liner it has a purple tint on the top.

Lash enhancements are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to define the eyes, this leaves a soft line of colour similar to after you’ve had an eyelash tint.


The flick you struggle to draw. Neat crisp line in a cute wedge.


This looks amazing, a much thicker liner, normally using two different shades, may need two-three treatments to perfect depending on puffiness.


Replicated a fine line running through the root of the eyelashes. Soft but very pretty. No worry of being committed to a heavy line. Gives the appearance of thicker lashes.


Lash enhancement Top or Bottom liner – £300
Smokey lash enhancement – £395
Upper and Lower eyeliner – £395
Latino – £450
Smokey – £450