Express Lashes

before and after
The express range consists of three different treatments for instant results lasting up to 14 days.

Strip lashes
perfect to wear for a day or eveining but our lashes can actually be worn for 2-3 days with no damage to your own lashes. The adhesive we use is medical grade, latex free which is non-irritating, heat and water resistant. The lashes we use are either millie macintosh or HD Brows Lashes.

Lash fillers
type of cluster lash but with no bulb so they look more natural along the lash line. Lasting 3-5 days they can enhance your natural look or give dramatic results depending on your needs. Several lashes are joined at the base lightweight and soft to the touch. A longer lasting alternative to strip lashes. These lashes must be professionally removed.

Extend express

Previously known as Blink and Go or Lets go lashes are maintenance free extensions for a short period of time. These lashes are individual lashes layered onto your lashes creating any look you like thick, bold, beautiful, sweep the choice is yours. They can look like the extend lashes but are perfect for those who want them for weddings or holidays. These lashes must be professionally removed after 14 days.