A new brand that we introduced late last year are Easilocks. Fun, high fashion and top quality heat resistant synthetic pieces in lots of different styles. All these pieces are perfect for getting you the perfect do in minutes minimal effort maximum effect.

Red Carpet Easi-In

This is a synthetic piece that just flips over the head with an invisible wire much like the Halo piece but not human hair. Simply clip in one third of the way down the back of your hair, leaving out the top layer of your hair to cover the bonds before flipping over the top layer to blend in with your ownhair. The Easi-in is still heat stylable and also comes in array of colours with some really nice mixed ash blond shades which are normally missing from other ranges. A full head effect of hairextensions put on in one easy piece so you can be out in no time at all. This also has clips for extra security for whatever the night may hold in store.

The Superstar

Simply one of the best 3/4 hairpieces available. The heat resistant synthetic fibre is very realistic, perfect natural hair like shine. You will have seen some very famous faces wearing this little beautyon T.V . Multi layers and MASSIVE volume it would take hours for you to achieve this look but again its on in minutes no clips in sight…… BOOM!

Catwalk Fishtail Plait

Again this is the best fishtail plait I have found. The plait itself is VERY long, it looks real, you can get a nice messy look to it if you wanted to. You could even un do the piece as a very long pony however we will not be able to re-plait. My perfect fishtail plait again takes seconds to apply.

Hollywood Ponytail

Another really simply, beautiful, elegant piece in top quality fibre… Hollywood perfection why not create your perfect ponytail, high pony, low pony, put it up into a neat bun, or plait it.