Crystal Clear Comcit Machine.

The Frozen Facial – £99

This is the most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment yet, tackling fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Similar to the H2O Glow but this uses a deeper treatment at the microneedling phase and also a deeper microdermabrasion to prep the skin. Oxygenate, energise and revitalise with Crystal Clears Clinical Comcit Frozen Facial. Experience 3 Treatments in one facial. The most intense method of hydration.  Clinical grade results with non downtime.

Renew your skin with a resurfacing microdermabrasion followed by saturating your skin with iced oxygen, packing the skin with hyalourionic acid and plant stem cells. Skin is then treated with the ice needling with cryogenic oxygen cooling the skin as the microneedling starts waking up the natural production of elastin and collagen , remodelling collagen encouraging wrinkles and lines to soften. Building the skin from the inside out.

  • Brighter
  • Resurfaced
  • Hydrated
  • Instantly glowing
  • Plumper
  • Large pores minimised
  • Softens and blends scarring
  • Helps remove pigmentation

Acne Targeting

Cryo-Oxygen works magic on problematic skin. Offering anti-bacterial properties, whilst the micro-channels created during treatment allow the powerful blemish defense infusion to be delivered deep into the skin where it decreases sebum production and inhibits the bacteria responsible for acne-linked infection.

Clear and Bright Facial

Our pigmentation diminishing facial uses powerful skin brightening/lightening actives to tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone . The infusion is packed with a unique and powerful active skin-lightening ingredient (Neurolight). Proven to help re-balance uneven skin tone. Actives are delivered through the micro channels created by the microneedling to reduce melanin synthesis at a cellular level and tackle the problem at source. A course of 6 is recommended with one treatment every 14 days. After the course maintenance treatments are approx every 6 weeks.