Designer turbans and headwear designed for clients with medical hairloss.


Women who suffer a serious disease fight not only to survive, but also to sustain their femininity. For many women losing their hair in connection with treatment may be just as bad as being ill. Hair loss affects the mind and at the same time some physical issues must be taken into account. A bald scalp is vulnerable and needs special protection.

The Christine products classified as medical devices are intended for use by women who have lost their hair due to illness as a preventive measure to protect the skin against sun burn, cold and related injuries or skin diseases and to relieve physical and mental discomfort resulting from hair loss.

Scarves, hats, caps, turbans
The products in the Christine® line are custom-designed headwear, primarily scarves, but also hats, caps and turbans/bandannas for women and children who are affected by illness.

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All-natural materials

The Christine® products are tailored and designed to provide volume to a bald head and to guarantee a secure fit. Nature is our source of inspiration. Evoking associations of sand, beaches and soft breezes, the design and the silky materials fuse to form a whole, framing your face beautifully and making you glow with an aura of feminine sophistication. Our products are protective, breathable and non-irritating to the sensitive scalp.

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We know how essential it is for your skin to breathe. This is why you will only find the softest silk, the finest cotton and the most delicate bamboo fabric. All of our designs are lined to ensure that nothing irritates your sensitive skin and emphasize your wellbeing and comfort.