Celebrating over 31 years in business facefacts is one of the longest standing Beauty Salons in Lincoln. Situated in the historic ‘Jews House’ dating back to 1158 you will find us in the beautiful Catherdral Quarter of the city, facefacts at No.1 Steep Hill. The Jews House is possibly the oldest domestic building in Britain so when you do visit us you’ll forgive us for the stone arches unpainted,floors that slope and our gorgeous outdoor loo!! We aren’t perfect but we are quirky and unique.

FaceFacts is owned and run by Tara Davis who has been at the salon for over 22 years and owner since 2004. Our success is our innovation, we always strive to be the best in our areas of expertise.

FaceFacts are at the forefront of new products and treatments and we always like to be first!

salon inside

Even in the early days facefacts the first salon to offer Clarins. Hairdressing in the 80’s and early 90’s but we really lived for beauty. Even 20 years ago we were offering nail extensions, tanning things socommon these days but rare back then.

Instead of hairdressing we specialised in our passion for fake hair, wigs, hairpieces, clip-in extensions, ponytails we cant get enough of it and still Tara and Helen get excited at new seasonal wigs as we speak a new colour banana split has caused a stir!

In 2004 we found a new type of eyelash extension superior to clusters and strip the individual semi-permanent perfectly placed lash. These looked really fine but so real. Over the years lashes exploded in the beauty industry leading to all different types of lengths, thicknesses and curls. A few years later came Blink and Go express lashes lasting up to 2-3 weeks and applied in half the time. Again we were the first Nouveau Lashes Premiere salon .Now lashes have gone back to being all about full lush but very fine to look like feathers not spiders legs, above all lash health. Kimberley and Tara Nouveau Ultimate lash technicians.

Tara was also the first semi-permanent makeup technician in Lincoln Training first in 1997 then quickly progressing to advanced work in 1998. Tara has completed over a thousand sets of eyebrows and never gets bored. Its all about the brows and the excitement never ends.

Tara is always progressing her education in permanent makeup. In 2007 Tara did more advanced permanent makeup with the ‘Brow Queen and HD Brows Creator Nilam Patel’ in Eyebrows, Latino Eyeliners and Lips. Tara also has trained with Finishing Touches and Industry Leader Karen Betts. In2008 Tara trained with medical tattooing expert Cathy Brown completing her Nipple and Areola advanced training. New on the agenda for this year is the new trend of Microblading taking the world by storm a hand held technique giving even more attention to detail and crisp realistic hairstrokes.

HD Brows well what cant we say amazing treatment great brand and again back in 2009 nobody had heard of it! Now its one of our main treatments along with the permanent eyebrows. Kimberley and Stacey are Pro Stylists and Tara advanced to Master Stylist. Tara was the first person to introduce and offer HD Brows to the city and is very proud of everything HD. At first I thought why? Ive being doing eyebrows forever but then the addiction of HD Brows set in!! We were also the first to have to brand new full retail stand of the Makeup by HD Brows so further to your brow addiction you can now extend it to the Makeup.

Nails we are one of the few salons to offer Gelcolour by OPI and the new Infinate Shine a 10 day high gloss polish all which can be applied by Kimberley and Stacey. Oh and nail art beyond your wildest dreams by Kimberly.

We also have an undying passion for results driven facials. Basically Tara wants to fight looking oldso clearly we only want the best treatments! No question about it we are all in love with our microdermabrasion and think nearly everyone should have at least one. Then most recently facefacts are the first to bring to Lincoln some of the newest technology The A-Lift a nanocurrent facial and Dermatude a metatherapy treatment.

So now you know more about us we’d love to see more of you guys. We love to learn from our clients as much as they love us to teach them about makeup, sexy brows and great skincare. Remember we are at the bottom of the hill so no excuses!! With lots of events uphill like the Steam Punk Weekend, or the famous Lincoln Christmas Market theres no excuse, pop in and say hello unless it’s the Lincoln Santa Fun Run we’ll see you at it xxxxx